Using monitoring technology to reduce the cost of haul road ownership

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Haul roads can feel like a bottomless pit of expenditure for miners.

The trouble with haul roads is that most mines see them as only temporary, or at best semi-permanent. So, roads are often built in a hurry, with minimal expertise, and a lot of shortcuts taken to bring them within the allocated budget.

As many mines have experienced first-hand, poorly designed roads will ultimately lead to premature failure, resulting in excessive maintenance and operational costs.

Furthermore, when building or repairing roads, the impact of short-term decisions upon the long-term operating costs are often rarely captured or understood.

Unfortunately, many mines have not yet grasped the importance of implementing an integrated solution for haul road management despite them often being the backbone of any open-cast or underground mining operation.

Roads need to be thought of as a living thing as operating conditions can change from day to day. They require a holistic approach to management and maintenance. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If things are not done correctly, operating costs are going to soar and while productivity levels are going to plummet

To help mine operators maximize the long-term value of haul roads, Dust-A-Side Canada has developed a revolutionary haul road condition monitoring and reporting software system called DASMetrics.

In this blog post, we’ll focus on how mines can use DASMetrics to reduce the costs associated with haul road ownership.


What is DASMetrics and how does it work?

DASMetrics has been developed in conjunction with industry-leading experts who specialize in measuring and monitoring factors that may reduce productivity on haul roads. It incorporates a scientific auditing process designed to ensure the continuous improvement of road quality as well as reduce the cost of road ownership.

Using state of the art technology, the system remotely monitors, captures and reports on defects found on haul roads. The system is customized for each mine site and provides a real-time web-based dashboard that allows users access to road conditions and reporting data at the push of a button.

The report shows a clear picture of the state of every haul road throughout a mine site. Management can then use the system to assign repair tasks to workers.


Using DASMetrics to lower haul road costs

The real power of DASMetrics is derived from the algorithms built into the system that quantify the true value of the road conditions observed.

By reporting upon the real impact poorly maintained haul roads are having on fuel, tires and productivity, it means that mines can make more informed decisions about how best to enhance their operation. This allows mines to achieve long-term haul road optimization.

By using the system to make incremental improvements, haul road conditions are more efficiently maintained.

These continuous improvements will lead to:

  • Faster haul road cycle times
  • Reduced water and fuel consumption
  • Improved vehicle component life
  • Reduced maintenance costs.

DASMetrics is also being used to benchmark haul road conditions on any mine site against global best practices.


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